1. The patient should be limited to non-strenuous activity for 7 days after surgery.

2. Normally, children will be absent from school for 2 to 4 days

3. Return to sports activities varies and should be discussed with your surgeon.

4. A scab will form over the adenoid bed in the first few days, but you will not be able to see this. You may notice that the patient has bad breath while the scab is dissolving. Minimal bleeding may occur at this time but is not common. This may also coincide with referred ear pain (pain referred from the throat to the ear). This is normal and will resolve after 7 to 10 days.

5. Tylenol (over the counter) is typically sufficient for pain control. Ibuprofen may be added for breakthrough pain.

6. Temperatures up to 101 degrees are not uncommon. Call the office if the fever is equal to or greater than 101.5

7. It is essential that the patient stay hydrated. Regular drinking and normal food intake are encouraged.

8. If excessive bleeding (longer than 15 minutes) is noted, please call our office or go to the nearest Emergency Room.

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