Northside ENT has been providing the superior quality of care one would expect for residents of Central Indiana since 1977.  We may have changed our location from 88th and Meridian Street to our current location on Old Meridian Street in Carmel, but we have never compromised on our principles and we treat our patients like family “from check-in to check-out”. You should leave our office knowing that you received the best possible care every time you visit.

At Northside ENT, we have kept up with the times by adapting to modern medicine without sacrificing this personal touch.  We use Electronic Health Records and paperless charting, but we also have Medical Assistants and Medical Scribes so that our computers don’t come between us and our patients.

We try to provide a complete array of Ear, Nose, and Throat services under one roof so that you do not have to go somewhere else.  For instance, our Allergy Relief Solutions department performs allergy testing and provides allergy immunotherapy options, including allergy shots and sublingual allergy drops.   We have an amazing group of Audiologists and assistants that run our Total Hearing Solutions department, where we perform hearing testing and provide hearing aid sales and services.  We have a Sinus CT scanner in our office so we can look at your sinuses and see you the same day if appropriate.

Our doctors are skilled at performing many procedures right here in our office using local anesthesia that used to require a general anesthetic.  This includes Balloon Sinuplasty for chronic sinusitis, the Clarifix procedure for chronic runny nose issues, and turbinate reduction to improve nasal breathing.  We can usually place ear ventilation tubes for chronic ear infections in adults, and even perform Balloon Dilation of the Eustachian Tubes for Eustachian Tube Dysfunction in the office under local anesthesia.  We provide oral sedation for patients who need it.

And finally, our community of physicians have recognized our high standards and have consistently selected our doctors as “Top Doctors'' in the November edition of the Indianapolis Monthly Magazine. In this yearly publication, independent researchers survey thousands of doctors to identify the top five percent of board certified physicians in the Indianapolis metropolitan area.  It is nice to be recognized by our peers!

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