Minimally Invasive Office Procedures

Minimally Invasive Expertise for Immediate Relief

For sinus and nasal conditions, our physicians will perform a thorough symptom review and exam and may use imaging tests here in our office to confirm sinus blockages or nasal pathway swelling that restrict your breathing. Our ENT specialists offer safe and proven treatments to correct sinus and nasal passage function and improve airflow. Especially for conditions that have not responded well to home remedies, nasal medications or diminished treatment effectiveness over time, a sinus procedure may be a viable option. A minimally-invasive procedure right in our physician office may be perfect for you. Our ENT specialists offer the following in-office procedures:

Balloon Sinus Dilation (Sinuplasty)

Our ENT specialists offer the balloon sinuplasty procedure to successfully treat patients with frequent sinus infections that don’t improve over time. Patients experience immediate sinus blockage relief, and the long-lasting benefits improve overall sinus health.This minimally-invasive procedure uses a tiny balloon to open blocked sinus passages, allowing optimal drainage and healing. If necessary, we may use a saline solution to flush out excessive mucus once the sinus passages are open. Balloon sinuplasty treats chronic sinusitis, frequent sinus infections or other conditions that block sinus passages.

1-2 days of recovery is average for an in-office balloon sinuplasty procedure. We provide instructions for before and after your procedure, but for example, we recommend you do not blow your nose for 24 hours to allow healing. Depending on the extent of your sinus blockages and the possible removal of polyps, your passages may take a little longer to recover.

Turbinate Reduction

Enlarged or damaged turbinates can cause nasal blockages due to allergic or non-allergic rhinitis or chronic infections. Turbinates are the bone and tissue structures inside your nose that can swell and cause breathing difficulties. With obstructed nasal breathing,turbinate reduction surgery can shrink the size of the turbinates through an in-office procedure.When medications are not effective in treating stuffiness, runny nose or sneezing, turbinate reductions can successfully open the airways and make breathing easier.

For in-office procedures, recovery is generally quick with minimal pain, but based on the extent of your nasal blockages, recovery time will vary. Access for the turbinate reduction procedure is through the nostril, so incision healing is within your nasal passage. You may experience nasal dryness or wound scabs as your nasal passage heals.

ClariFix Cryotherapy

ClariFix Cryotherapy is a minimally invasive, clinically proven treatment that targets the source of your chronic rhinitis symptoms and provides lasting relief. Our ENT team decreases rhinorrhea or postnasal drip with this innovative technique by freezing overactive nerves in the back of the nose. Through an in-office procedure that takes a few hours, nasal production will be decreased within the first week and will continue to improve in the following weeks. Our ENT team will provide recovery instructions, which may include saline solutions or nasal spray, to promote healing. Because only topical/local anesthesia is needed, recovery is faster with minimal downtime.

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