Managing Allergies in Children

Nobody wants to see their child suffer. For most parents, though, an illness is only occasional and oftentimes doesn't need treatment. However, allergies aren't an illness and don't tend to go away, at least not for a while. You can reduce the suffering by visiting Northside ENT, serving Carmel, IN, and the surrounding area, for treatment from Dr. Robert Youkilis, Dr. Jeffrey Beach, or Dr. Seth Bruggers for treatment for allergies in children.

General Information

Allergies occur when your child's immune system reacts to a stimulus that it believes is an invader. For instance, your child may be allergic to the pollen from grasses, weeds, or trees. That means that any time he or she inhales the substance he or she is allergic to his or her immune system will react by releasing histamine. In return, his or her body will respond to the histamine, causing allergy symptoms. With allergic rhinitis, he or she may experience congestion, a runny nose, sneezing, or an itchy nose, throat, or eyes.

Diagnosing Allergies

Oftentimes, our Carmel, IN, practitioner can determine that your child has allergies just by discussing his or her symptoms with you. However, if you'd like to know exactly what allergies he or she has, our practitioner can help you by identifying when the allergies are most prevalent. From that information, our doctor can sometimes determine what's triggering your little one's allergies. Our practitioner can provide further testing so you can know for sure, such as by administering a skin prick test. Our practitioner could also use a blood test.

Treating Allergies

Our practitioner can help your child by identifying the triggers and providing you with advice on how to stay away from them. However, if that isn't an option, which we understand why it might not be, our practitioner can prescribe a medication that's safe for children. One prime example is an oral antihistamine. Fortunately, we can provide your child with a non-drowsy option so he or she won't be drowsy during the day.

Our practitioner could also recommend eye drops that help manage eye-related symptoms.

For some children, allergy shots might be the best option. With this treatment, our physician injects your child with a minuscule amount of the allergen. This gives the child's immune system exposure. Then, our doctor will gradually increase the amount until your kid's immune system becomes desensitized to the substance.

At Northside ENT, serving Carmel, IN, and the general vicinity, Dr. Robert Youkilis, Dr. Jeffrey Beach, and Dr. Seth Bruggers help children of ages who have allergies reduce the prevalence of their allergies, possibly through medication, lifestyle changes, or immunotherapy.

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